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2018 Annual Meeting   | Sep. 13-14, Indianapolis, IN

“Keeping ITS On Track”


Venue & Directions

Gate 2 Entrance IMS

GATE 2 ENTRANCE AT IMS — Photo Credits: Indianapolis Motor Speedway


The 2018 ITS Midwest Annual Meeting “Keeping ITS On Track” will be held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Media Center, Indianapolis, IN. The IMS Media Center is situated next to the iconic Panasonic Pagoda, one of the most recognizable structures at the IMS and in worldwide motorsports.


The Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) is located at 4790 W. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46222. There are multiple ways of reaching the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. IMS features entrances and exits across all directions around the facility.

In order to get to the venue of "Keeping Its On Track", the IMS Media Center, we recommend you enter the IMS at the Gate 2 Entrance accessible from 16th Street and then turn immediately left. From then on, there will be people wearing Yellow shirts that will ask where you are going. Tell them you are attending the ITS Midwest Meeting. They will send you on the right path. The parking will be just in front of the Media Center. Download the pdf map below for more information.


Map to Media Center and Other Meeting Related Venues

Download the 2018 ITS Midwest Annual Meeting Map for concise directions and information about the locations of the JW Marriott (meetng hotel), the IMS Media Center (meeting venue), Indoor Karting Center (social event) and Brickyard Crossing (pre-event gathering).


For questions about the Annual Meeting, please contact Ryan Elliott at 317-532-5427 or .

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